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Construction 2009

In May, 2009, construction began on our new multi-purpose building designed by Brian Addis, an architect in Zanesville, Ohio.

According to Don Crosby of Hilltop Excavating, approximately 700 cubic yards of dirt will be moved.  By the end of the first day's digging, almost half of the dirt has been dug.  WOW!  It hasn't taken long to get the rest of it dug.  Then the work began on the rebar for the footers.  Pastor Brian and B.J. helped Heath Smith, our project manager, and the Hilltop Excavating crew tie rebar.  They've learned a new skill.  Whew!!  Hard work

The footers were poured Saturday, June 6, 2009.  They started around 7:30 a.m. and finished by 11:30.  They look great!

Monday, June 8, 2009, John Trissel of Trissel Poured Concrete Walls started putting up the forms for the concrete walls.  There is a LOT of rebar (1 foot grid) throughout the walls.  It's a very sturdy building.  If it doesn't rain on Thursday, June 11, we'll pour concrete again. 

Well, as you all know, it not only rained, it POURED!!!!  We're so grateful that the Lord's in control of all that goes on here.  Hopefully, we'll pour concrete Monday or Tuesday.  That will be an interesting thing to see.

The Lord has truly been gracious with the weather and with so many who have helped throughout the process with getting bids and submitting bids. 

Monday, June 15, 2009, the walls were poured.  It started at about 3:30 p.m. and they finished around 5:30.  More work was completed on the ed. building as the North wall is almost sided.  Great day!

Tuesday, June 16, 2009, the forms started coming off the exterior walls, and they were sealed.  It's a very nice job!  By Wednesday the forms were all gone and the walls exposed.  French drains were laid and gravel was backfilled.  On Thursday the drains were almost complete.  Pastor Bee and Howard Davis tested the rain storm sewer line and found that it worked VERY well.  Pastor Brian got a much needed unexpected shower at the time.  I'm sure Howard would be glad to tell the story.

Thursday also found the teens working hard in their room again putting the final coat of paint on their walls.  Soon we'll be decorating in there and getting it ready for Sunday School and ProTeen meetings.

Friday June 19, the plumbers from Cowgill's Plumbing in Cambridge started roughing in the basement plumbing (for future use).  They worked hard digging ditches, connecting to the Bethesda sewer on Monday. 

We had more volunteers to help with backfill, leveling the floor after the gravel was slung, and anything else that needed done.  Our teenagers are also working in their room.  Check out their section of "ProTeens" to see their progress.

The week of June 23rd saw a LOT more work done on the education building.  Windows were removed, sheeting was hung, 2 new roofs were constructed for the basement entrances, a bat knocked Brian H's hat off (and scared him half to death), and the men found out that nail guns really work well!

June 26th & 27th were busy days.  Volunteers worked hard to get the mesh for the floor laid and everything else ready for the floor on Friday, then EARLY Saturday morning (6:00 a.m.) Nelson Stalder Concrete and the concrete trucks rolled in and got very busy very quickly.  Once the concrete was finished pouring around 9:00, then men from Nelson Stalder Concrete did the finishing work on the floor.  Then more volunteers sealed the floor.  Boy did it smell stinky in the basement!

We are so grateful to all the men who have done a fantastic job on this building.  We can tell that they take great pride in their work.  It's been GREAT!

July 4th began early here.  The I-beams and floor supports were primed a not so pretty color.  They are scheduled to be installed Tuesday, July 7th.  Also a small track-hoe was rented, and the digging for the water line and drainage lines began at 6:30.  After some mechanical problems, the volunteers were able to get the water line laid, and most of the drainage line was completed.  God has truly blessed us with some very smart and talented men.

The week of July 6th has been busy.  The sill plate has been installed.  the steel I beams were installed by Rod's Weld & Rebuild Company of Barnesville on Tuesday.  The floor system was also delivered Tuesday, so Heath Smith Construction began working on that on Wednesday.  By the end of the day Thursday, most of the joist hangers were installed as well as some of the floor joists.  A work day will be coming up soon to install the floor.  Things are moving!!  Saturday, July 11th was another workday.  We had several men come to help.  They were able to get the sub-floor on one side completed.  You'll definitely see a change this week!

July 13th began as a busy day.  The steel stud system was delivered, and the floor was completed on the new building.  The ed building is looking much better, too.  The 3 windows were removed and replaced with double-hung windows.  One door has been replaced with one more to go.

July 14th the West wall stud system was done.  We can now see where the 6 windows will go.  The ed building looks really nice.  The last door was installed, and all the sheathing was hung.  Nice!!!

Again we see lots of changes on both buildings the week of July 20th.  The metal studs are up on the new building, and some of the sheath is up.  This is a new product which does not require a tyvek wrap.  The siding can be installed directly on top of this!

The ed building now looks new.  The siding is done on the front, and it looks GREAT!

We have now completed the week of July 27th. Much needed rain happened at the end of the week, but a lot was accomplished before that!  The exterior was sheathed in a strange green color with black taped seams.  Hmmm!  interesting.  The building just keeps getting bigger and bigger throughout each step.  The ed building saw some progress this week also with the back getting sided.  It looks so nice!

Another week has passed, and a lot has been accomplished.  The week of August 3rd was another BUSY one.  Trusses were set on Monday, then once all the bracing was done, work began on getting sheathing up.  By the end of the week, the East side of the roof was sheathed and taped.

The ed building also had some more work completed on it.  All of the siding is on, and trim work has begun.  Wow!  It's really time consuming!  It looks great.  Be sure to check out the back side from the street below to see the progress. 

It's already August 10th, and this week looks to be really busy once again.  Monday the sheathing on the West side of the roof was started, and by the end of the day Tuesday, it was completed.  More bracing was completed on Wednesday, and the unseen, but time consuming things that go along with that, were completed.  It's great to see the progress.  Thursday and Friday brought more progress as the fire-rated ceiling went up over the kitchen, bathrooms, and office.  Work was started on the porch as well as planning for the wall studs.

Work was almost completed on the outside of the ed building, and work started on the inside.  All of the paneling has been removed and disposed of.  Wow!  Does it ever look different!  In a couple of weeks we might be ready to paint!

August 17 began a busy week.  Work was done inside the building.  Windows were installed, and metal studs are outlining the kitchen, restrooms and Pastor's office.  It looks so nice!  Check out the ed building, too.  We are now having Junior Church and Sunday School in the basement of church while the rooms are being worked on.  Give us a couple of weeks, and the transformation should be complete!  WOW!

On August 24th the plumber and HVAC guys came.  It is so cool to see the quick progress with that.  Cowgill's Plumbing from Cambridge is taking care of those items, and they are doing a great job!  Heath and his crew are tackling the roof while the weather is a little cooler.  The porch roof was finished Monday, the front was started Tuesday and finished Wednesday, and the back was started also on Wednesday.  They're making great progress.  If you'd like to see the back, just take a drive on Boardman Street and peek between the houses.  By Thursday the roof was finished.  It turned out to be a pretty hot day, but the men were able to deal with the heat and finish the roof! 

The Junior room in the ed building is getting its facelift.  1/4 inch drywall is going over the existing drywall.  What a transformation it's making.  It will be so exciting to get the mudding and painting done!

The week of August 31 saw even more progress.  More work was done on the inside of both buildings.  Now the time consuming work will progress.

We are now in September and it's the week of Labor Day.  That's what's been happening around here.  The concrete patio has been poured, and more plumbing and HVAC has happened in the new building.  The ed building is all drywalled, and we will be seeing the finishing work begin on that.

The week of September 14th began and ended with hard work.  The steps are in to the basement of the new building, and the mechanical room is framed in in the basement.  More HVAC work was completed, and the final grade was begun.  WOW!  It is really nice!!!  More finish work was completed in the ed building.  Soon we hope to be painting in there and getting that project completed!

Now the small tedious things need to be done before we can get the electrician in.  Stairs were built to the basement.  Framework was completed on that as well as the mechanical room in the basement.  Plumbing is roughed in.  The exterior excavating was finished and more stone was brought in and compacted.  It's nicer than it has ever been.

Work began the week of Sept. 28 on the exterior siding.  The porch roof was sided as well as part of the front of the building.  The electricians from D & E Electric started and placed the electrical boxes throughout the building.  Lights were ordered and work was done to get ready for that installation.

During the week of October 5th a lot of work was completed.  The wire was pulled throughout the building, and the box was installed.  One part of the electrical inspection was completed.  Work continued on the outside with siding completed on the front as well as mostly completed on the North wall.  Insulation was installed on the interior and more framing work was completed.  The next 6 weeks will be busy as we try to finish the building by November 23rd.

What a busy week!  During the week of October 12th, the siding was completed on the North and South sides of the building.  Drywall was started on the inside, and insulation was put up on most of the inside.  The rain allowed some work to be done on the inside.  But we are praising God for the nice days that we have had.

The ladies got busy in the ed building, and the upstairs was cleaned, primed and painted.  Then Friday, the rooms were put back together.  Check it out!!  We're waiting for the men to come back and install the trim pieces, and then we are DONE!!!!!

During the week of October 19th, the doors were installed, as well as the basement windows.  Siding was almost completed on the back side (VERY HIGH side) of the building.  Insulation was finished on the inside in the rafters over the stair and office sides.  The men who worked on that are very dedicated people. 

It is now November 4th, and the building is progressing.  Last week the exterior siding was completed and the interior drywall was started.  This week so far the ceiling is now drywalled and most of the walls.  The next step is for the finisher to start (hopefully 11/5).  Please keep praying for the men as they work for safety and also for the Lord's timing for completion.  If you haven't had a chance, please look at the pictures. 

God is perfect in His timing.  The finishers started the week of November 16th and have made great progress.  By the end of the first week, they had the first coat on almost everything.  It was just in time for the building dedication on November 22, 2009.  That week also saw the bathrooms with fixtures, ceilings and floors.  It all looks so nice. 

The following week the ceiling and floor were installed in the kitchen, and the cabinets were installed.  It is beautiful!  The work went on with the drywall finishing.  Then Thanksgiving came.  How thankful we are for our building project manager, Heath Smith, and all the contractors who have done such a beautiful job on our building.  Of course, we are also thankful for all the volunteers who have worked countless hours in helping to get the building to this point.  God has richly blessed us, and we are truly thankful.

Now it's the first week in December.  It's hard to believe that we are to this point.......ALMOST DONE!!!!!  The drywall finishing was completed, and now the ceiling texturing is beginning.  Lord willing this week the drywall finishers will be done.  Pastor Brian's office should get a floor soon as well as a ceiling.  Painting will then begin....then the electricians.... then the floors in the main area....then the doors.....then.....then.....

Wow!  It's the first week of the new year, and things are winding up.  Shortly after Thanksgiving the rest of the hung ceilings were completed, the painting was done very quickly with the use of a borrowed sprayer.  Thanks to the Kemp family for letting us borrow that.  The electricians finished their work, the floors were installed, and the doors and trim were hung and installed.  What a beautiful building!  Bill Cox, now known as THE Floor Guy, has done a beautiful job sealing and waxing the floors in the kitchen, bathrooms, office and closets.

GREAT NEWS!!  The final building inspection occurred at approximately 9:00 a.m. Monday, January 4, 2010.  Pastor Bee is now in his office (check out the picture) and loves it.  Final trim work and countertops will be installed this week.  God has so richly blessed us with this beautiful building.

By the end of June, 2010, stone was installed on the front of the Paulman Hall, and the sign was hung.  All the colors have come together great!  Now all that is left is the electrical on the porch to be completed.  What a blessing!

Thanks so much for praying with us during our construction time.  Please feel free to visit our website.  We will keep you updated on the use of the building!  Be sure to check the EBS Kids Club, ProTeen and Activities sections.

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